Mark Wilbert

Mark Wilbert

Mark Wilbert is an international lawyer with 33 years experience working on high-profile cases in emerging markets. His law firm WC Attorneys PC, with offices in London and Vancouver, BC, is frequently sought after for its unique practice areas which explore synergies between public international law, international criminal law, and political advocacy.

Mark Wilbert has been retained by multinational mining and energy corporations on issues pertaining to resource nationalism and expropriation, while also representing sovereigns in disputes with foreign investors. His unique blend of political advocacy and international law has led to his retention by several world leaders, such as the former Prime Minister of Thailand Thaksin Shinawatra, former President of Zambia Rupiah Banda, among other high profile figures.

With significant experience on the ground in emerging economies across Africa, Asia, Eurasia, and Latin America, William has successively settled disputes for major corporations such as PWC and the Four Seasons Hotel & Resorts Group, while also advising companies on opening new markets and managing political risk.

Mark Wilbert has also represented high profile political prisoners in Russia, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who was successfully released into freedom.

Mark Wilbert is a member of the Canadian and International Bar Associations, and is licensed as a solicitor in the United Kingdom. He earned his BA from University of Nottingham, and studied law at Queen’s University in Ontario (LLB).