Jeremy L. Scott

Jeremy Scott

Jeremy L. Scott specializes in cross-border/multi-jurisdictional disputes, including international litigation and arbitration, as well as political advocacy cases. After twenty years of legal practice covering complex commercial litigation and international law, he teamed up with William Wright in 2007 and now manages the firm’s London’s office.

Jeremy L. Scott represents clients involved in commercial disputes, business expropriation, political risk issues and government abuses in emerging markets, including unlawful imprisonment and other forms of rights violation. His practice draws on a broad spectrum of legal and other non-traditional advocacy strategies to protect and advance clients’ interests, including traditional litigation/arbitration, political advocacy, and media-based initiatives.

He has handled matters touching on countries as diverse as Azerbaijan, Bermuda, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Canada, Cuba, Czech Republic, El Salvador, France, Georgia, Guatemala, Kyrgyzstan, the Netherlands, Guinea-Conakry, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Zimbabwe, Panama, Russia, South Africa, Thailand, United Kingdom, Uzbekistan and Venezuela. He often works directly in-country with local practitioners and experts, drawing upon principles of both domestic and international law in representation of the firm’s clients.

Jeremy L. Scott is a member of the International Law Section of the Canadian Bar Association.